Seeing one another once again on April 27th

This year the last Saturday of April falls on the 27th and we hope that precisely in Cēsis the big running family will kick off the road running season of 2024! A year ago Agate Caune and Uģis Jocis set the first track records (33:10 and 33:01) in the WA certified 10km distance. However we know that each and every one of you set your own records. Gave it your best. For this reason it's worth returning to give it another shot. We'll do everything to ensure this opportunity - to run toward your goals!

See you on April 27th 2024 in Cēsis Medieval Castle park!

Austris Āboliņš Main organizer

Tradition has picked up the pace!

If something happens once it might be coincidence. Even something happening twice doesn't necessarily mean much, but at three times we can confidently say - tradition has returned and is here to stay. For the third year in a row since the renewal of the historical running competition we'll meet again in Cēsis to celebrate the beginning of the road running season.  We invite you to experience Cēsis in the most beautiful season, when nature is awakening and compete with other running enthusiasts. See you soon!

Kristīne Vilcāne  Co-organizer of the race

Spring is coming!

Cēsis is one of the most athletic and active cities in Latvia with well developed sports infrastructure and thrilling sporting events. I am happy that the competition "Apkārt Cēsīm" is one of them. So we warmly welcome runners and supporters once again. Precisely the activity and involvement are the positive  precursors for Cēsis being the happiest city in Latvia. "Apkārt Cēsīm" is the event where to express all the positive emotions and experience the joys of running and being together. See you soon in Cēsis!

Ansis Kuplis Long-term supporter of the race

Registration for the 2024 race has begun!

We are happy to announce that we have opened the registration for the race of 2024! Register in your corresponding distance and age group. Have the opportunity to run in the streets of Cesis, reach new heights and enjoy the joys of Spring! And at finish receive an award – a medal for finishing the race. Important disclaimer – all of the participation fee (100%) goes to support the young athletes! In case there is the desire for it, there is the opportunity to donate to Sports Club “Ašais” for the young athletes. See You on April 27th in Cesis castle park!


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