Running competition's

“Apkārt Cēsīm”


Target:  To popularize running as a useful way to spend time among youngsters and adults.


1. To determine the fastest runners in the 5 km and 10 km distances in various age groups;

2. To determine the best teams in 5 km (youth) and 10 km distances;

3. To determine the fastest runners of the youngest generation in the childrens' distance;

Time and place – Town of Cesis and its close surroundings. (Route of the race also includes the valley of Gauja river). The run starts on Palasta street next to the Cēsis castle park, the finish - in the Cēsis castle park at the open stage. Beginning of the competition: April 30th, 2022, at 11:00 - children's race, 11:30 - 5km, 12:00 - 10km.

Competition management – Competition is organized and lead by sports club "Ašais" in cooperation with Cēsis municipality. Main referee - Austris Āboliņš. [email protected]š, tel. - 26 180 160

Participants – Runners from Latvia and other countries in the following age groups:

  S,V 10 (children's race in the park ~500m long)   Born in 2013 and younger
5 km 

Born between 2011 and 2012


Born between 2009 and 2010


Born between 2007 and 2008


Born between 2005 and 2006

10 km 
S, V Born in 2006 (U18)  and older
S, V40 40-49 years old
S, V50 50-59 years old
S, V60 60-69 years old
S, V70 70 years old and older

Competition's rules - Shortening of the distance (running out of the marked track or the use of a different road/path) will result with the disqualification (DQ!) of the participant. If a participant is late for their start, their time is started from the start signal. Participants can use special shoes (trail running shoes etc.). Participant's number must be attached to the front of their sports (race) shirt with four clips! The corners and sides of the race number must NOT be folded!

Race tracks - view here!

Evaluation - In each age group and gender the winner is the participant with the fastest time of completion in their respective distance! The rest of the participants take places correspondingly to their results in order from fastest to slowest.

In the 10 km distance there is a battle for the traveling cup in the team rating. Each team has 2 men and one woman. The team with the lowest sum of points wins. In case of equal points, a higher place for the team with higher individual places.

Attention! Team application must be sent in a separate form upon registration!

Applications - Application for the race and the participation fee is done electronically until April 28th, 2022, 12:00! The numbers will be handed out at the center of the race!

Participation fee - Participation fee in this competition: children's race - free, 5 km - 5 euros, 10 km - 9 euros (6 euros for pensioners). If the participation fee isn't payed after the registration, the participant isn't allowed to start in the race.

Awards - In the 5 km distance the 1st to 3rd place in all age groups and both boys and girls are awarded: A special medal, prize from our supporters and a money prize (find below). Team award - traveling cup!

In the 10 km distance the 1st to 3rd place in all age groups both men and women are awarded: A special medal, prize from our supporters and a money prize (find below).

Money prize distribution:

5 km10 km
Age group
Money prize
Money prizes
(Women, men)
U12/U14/U16/U1830 euros
1st place
200 euros
20 euros
2nd place
100 euros
10 euros
3rd place
75 euros

4th place
50 euros

5th place
30 euros

6th place
20 euros

Ruling - Race is ruled by a dedicated team of referees. Electronic time recording system will be used.

The procedure of submitting a protest - Protest in a written form can be submitted no later than 30 minutes after the last participants has finished.

Responsibility for disciplinary violations - Participants and also their representatives who don't comply with the rules of safety of other participants and people present, or disrupt the event in any other way, will be disqualified and expelled from the site of the event.

Responsibility for the state of health - The person in charge  (commanding organization) of the participant is responsible for the state of health (race readiness) of the participant. Individuals without a person in charge of them, themselves take responsibility of their state of health and race readiness! All participants and their representatives agree to comply with the national safety measures in accordance with regulation No. 662 "Epidemioloģiskās drošības pasākumi Covid-19 infekcijas izplatības ierobežošanai" of September 28th 2021. If for any epidemiological reason the competition can't happen, the competition will be moved to a later date.

Publicity - When applying for the competition, the participant and their accompanying persons (family members, friends) accept that photo and video materials that may contain them will be uploaded to the competition's website and other social media as well as used for other publicity needs!